• Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity, and the Law
    10/24/2018 (06:00 PM - 07:30 PM) | (10/24/2018)

    Legal and security considerations for users of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

  • Mars Blockchain Summit NYC “Seeking the Power of a Turning Point” will be held on October 18, 2018, in New York City, United States of America. This unrivaled event is hosted by Mars Finance and Consensus Lab, co-hosted by Liaoyuan, Crypto Capital, Redbank Capital and Sharp Eye Capital.

  • Daniel Alter of Murphy & McGonigle’s FinTech & Blockchain Practice will be a featured speaker on a Washington Legal Foundation webinar looking at the growth of initial coin offerings (ICOs).

  • “Enforcement”, FIA Expo 2018, Panelist
    10/17/2018 | (10/17/2018)

    Listen in as enforcement experts discuss key cases and developments in CFTC, NFA, and exchange enforcement proceedings and investigations. Panelists will draw from current cases to discuss business practices for compliance in today’s enforcement environment.

  • Joseph P. Facciponti attorney profile image Katherine M. McGrail attorney profile image

    Recent high-profile cases involving workplace sexual harassment and abuse have upped the stakes for businesses grappling with allegations of harassment and other misconduct by their employees. Leaving allegations of misconduct unaddressed, or mishandling internal investigations of the misconduct, carries significant potential reputational and economic risk to businesses. This program, led by two white collar defense and investigation partners at Murphy & McGonigle, will review best practices and potential pitfalls in conducting internal investigations of employee misconduct, with a focus on investigations concerning harassment and theft.

  • The SEC and other government agencies continue to focus enforcement and examination efforts on managers of private hedge funds and private equity funds.  This program will bring together top regulators, leading in-house legal and compliance professionals and expert outside counsel, to discuss the latest issues, trends and risks in regulatory compliance oversight.