Murphy & McGonigle Launches Expanded Version of the M&M Defend App

February 17, 2021 (New York, NY)

Financial services law firm Murphy & McGonigle today announced the launch of an improved version of its M&M Defend app, a smart phone application that guides individuals, businesses and in-house counsel with instantaneous information during legal crisis situations.

M&M Defend is a completely rebuilt offering of Murphy & McGonigle’s proprietary smart phone app that prepares individuals, businesses and in-house counsel who may encounter a variety of legal crises: surprise interviews initiated by law enforcement agents, execution of a search warrant at an office or warehouse, receipt of an unexpected demand for business records, or a surprise SEC / CFTC examination at a firm’s office.

"In many industries, legal emergencies can surface with no warning. M&M Defend on a smart phone is an always present guide for individuals and businesses, and therefore a highly valuable tool," said Steven D. Feldman, a Shareholder in the White Collar Defense, Investigations & Compliance Counseling Practice and architect of M&M Defend.


The additional resources that have been added to M&M Defend for in-house counsel include guidance for:

  • Surprise audits demanding books and records
  • Unannounced CFTC / SEC exams
  • Clearer guides with "Quick Tips" to provide information in emergency situations

The new features in M&M Defend include:

  • A recorder with audio and video
  • Expanded guides offering expert insights
  • Listing of lawyers to contact quickly, indexed by specialty


M&M Defend is available at Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Portal. It can be utilized on iPhone and Android, and the app is free.


M&M Defend is a product of Murphy & McGonigle’s Innovation Lab, which develops technological tools and solutions for clients in today’s fast-evolving legal marketplace. It strives to re-imagine and provide legal services to clients in new and different ways.  This is the first product upgrade for M&M Defend, which was originally launched in 2016.