2017 Annual School Supply Drive

August 18, 2017

Each year Murphy & McGonigle collects school supplies to give to local charities in our communities so that more children have the materials they need to start the school year off right, and this year's annual school supply drive was another roaring success.

This year the Richmond Office conducted a school supply drive to collect basic supplies for the children of families who receive medical care from CrossOver Healthcare Ministry.  CrossOver is a healthcare facility catering exclusively to uninsured and low-income families in our community.  Each year they provide hundreds of physical exams and vaccinations to these students free of charge, enabling them to start the school year on-time. In addition to providing these services, they strive to provide all their students with some basic school supplies.  The Richmond Office collected 21 backpacks, each full of supplies!!

The New York and DC Offices joined up to start the school year off right for some very deserving families and their budget-strapped school, St. Ann's.  St. Ann’s is a Catholic School located in the underprivileged East Harlem neighborhood in New York City.  The cost of tuition is beyond the means of most of the student families, and the tuition does not cover the cost of each child’s education.  Over 55% of current students are on financial aid, and each year the school receives numerous applications for emergency tuition assistance.  Nearly 50% of the student body have a diagnosed learning disorder or receive Title 1 services, which are integrated into the school day so that all students can participate and contribute in the classroom.  The school has numerous immigrant and first generation Americans, and for many, the St. Ann community is a crucial support system for those whose families are far away.  The school operates on a very tight budget and is able to do amazing things for its students.  Everything from pencils, to backpacks, to first aid kits, to scientific calculators and anything in between has been rounded up to give these kids an awesome new school year.

If you would like to help, please check out these amazing organizations. There are many ways to donate.

CrossOver Healthcare Ministry: www.crossoverministry.org

St. Ann's Catholic School: www.stannschoolnyc.org