“Cybersecurity & Data Privacy: Regulatory and Enforcement Update,” Lawline Webinar

Event Date(s): 10/10/2019

Recent cyberattacks have only begun to reveal the full disruptive potential of cybercriminals and state actors to engage in theft on a massive scale, interfere with business operations, and mislead the public on matters of national significance. Lawmakers and regulators have responded by asking businesses and financial institutions to do even more to protect their data, their networks, and their customers’ privacy, or else face costly investigations and potential penalties. This program, presented by Joseph Facciponti and Katherine McGrail of Murphy & McGonigle, P.C., will review regulatory and enforcement trends and developments in the cybersecurity legal landscape in 2019 and make predictions for 2020.

Event Link: www.lawline.com/course/cybersecurity-data-privacy-regulatory-and-enforcement-update