Cybersecurity in 2019 - Preventing, Detecting & Responding to a Digital Attack

Event Date(s): 05/07/2019

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Is your company prepared for the myriad of cyber risks in 2019? 

On Tues., May 7, Joseph Facciponti of the firm’s Cybersecurity, Cyber Risk & Incident Response Practice, will be one of three featured speakers in this live Webcast. 

Mr. Facciponti will be joined by cybersecurity experts Cando Wango, IT Solutions Architect at Net@Work, and John Verry, Managing Partner at Pilot Point Security.

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Phishing, Malware, Ransomware, Password Breaches, Denial of Service Attacks - while around for some time, are now changing in design and growing in complexity. In this live webcast Net at Work will be joined by the experts at Pivot Point Security, a leader in information security risk & compliance, and Murphy & McGonigle P.C., a law firm with an experienced and sophisticated cybersecurity practice, for a discussion on the latest in cyber threats, and top strategies in preventing and responding to a potential attack. Discussion topics will include:

Cybersecurity: Threat Landscape & Overview 
- Cybersecurity overview & awareness 
- Most common types of cyberattacks in 2019
- Why any sized organization is a target
- Real-world examples and horror stories

Preventive Measures:How to protect your organization  
- Technical: Network Security, Penetration Testing, Training, Risk & Gap Assessments
- Legal: What to know about Exposure, Compliance and Regulation
- Insurance: Cyber Security Insurance Options and best practices.

Reactive Measures:Actions if you’ve been the victim of an attack 
- Technical steps
- Legal steps
- Insurance
- OtherLess

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