SEC Initiates Flash Boy Regulations – A Comprehensive Analysis

Event Date(s): 10/07/2014
by Matthew B. Comstock

Mr. Comstock is a panelist for Regulatory Compliance Association  “SEC Initiates Flash Boy Regulations – A Comprehensive Analysis.”

A flurry of media activity had attracted the attention of various regulatory agencies including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), New York Attorney General and others. This activity culminated in SEC Chair Mary Jo White’s declaration of massive regulatory reform across the equity markets, which resulted in an entirely new phase of regulation as well as an escalated examination and enforcement environment.

This webinar, which was hosted by the Regulatory Compliance Association, allowed listeners the opportunity to learn the following:

  • How to define high frequency trading;
  • The impact of HFT regulation on non-HFT firms;
  • How to identify the potential ramifications of Mary Jo White’s declaration that the SEC will be considering new regulatory rules; and
  • How to apply the solutions to these issues proposed by the SEC and others, and discuss proposed solutions.

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