Using Government Guidelines to Advise and Protect Your Clients (New York, NY)

Event Date(s): 05/19/2015

In today’s environment, companies are routinely in the government’s crosshairs. Steve Feldman and Tim Peterson spoke at the Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services Conference of the New York Society of CPAs on best practices for dealing with government investigations.

As the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan has said, every time the U.S. Attorney’s Office investigates an individual at a company involved with a crime, the prosecutors consider whether the company should also be charged. The U.S. Department of Justice and the SEC follow rules and guidelines to determine whether to prosecute a company for its employees’ wrongdoing. As individuals on the front lines of uncovering possible corporate fraud, you can prepare your clients’ reactions to evidence of possible wrongdoing and affirmatively respond, to ensure that the company will be treated as a good corporate citizen and avoid prosecution.