Murphy & McGonigle launches website to track U.S. Treasury’s capital markets reform recommendations

November 07, 2017 (New York, NY)

Murphy & McGonigle, P.C., a leading provider of legal services to the financial services industry, has launched a dedicated website to track the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s new recommendations that seek to reform capital markets regulation.

The site,, offers an objective overview and ongoing monitoring of the Treasury’s 91 recommendations for reform outlined in its Oct. 6 report, “A Financial System That Creates Economic Opportunities: Capital Markets.” The website and its Recommendation Tracker is available for free to all financial services companies and anyone with interest or a stake in the outcome of the proposals.

While outlining the current financial system’s challenges, the Treasury report recommends reforms that it believes will promote economic growth and resilient financial markets, provide opportunities for issuers while protecting investors, prevent taxpayer-funded bailouts, and safeguard the financial system. Most recommendations call for action by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) rather than legislative fixes.’s Recommendation Tracker allows users to search for the status of a particular recommendation, filter based on different categories, find Congress and agency (SEC/CFTC) deadlines, and bookmark specific recommendations to keep up-to-date.

“The site serves as an objective summary of the 91 recommendations, which we will track as future regulatory and legislative changes are implemented pursuant to the report,” said Hong Le Webb, a corporate securities and international advisory attorney at Murphy & McGonigle and author of an 11-page summary of the Treasury’s report, available on the site. “We are following the current Administration’s proposals closely and in a nonpartisan manner to keep the public informed and our clients apprised of key developments to protect their interests.”

“As attorneys, it is our duty to stay one step ahead of trends and follow changes in the financial services regulatory environment.  As we do so, we want to make the information we acquire available to the public and serve as a trusted resource to companies and individuals with a stake in capital markets reform,” said James Murphy, Chairman of Murphy & McGonigle. “Since our firm’s inception, we have placed a high priority on developing tools and solutions that combine our intellectual capital with technology to create products that help clients make better informed decisions. This new web platform is a prime example of our commitment to innovation.”